Mention the name “Kia” to anyone who knows anything about cars, and it’s pretty easy to predict their reaction – it’s likely to be a mixture of disinterest, or perhaps something along the lines of “my mum drives a Kia and it seems alright!”. Kias have always been about value for money, fuel economy, and all that semi-boring sort of stuff. But as of 2018, that perception is undergoing a rapid change thanks to the introduction of the Stinger – a surprisingly attractive GT car which seems to pack some real serious credentials.


Even based on looks alone, a German badge on the boot of this car would look right at home. The Stinger’s overall presence offers a carefully designed blend of lairiness and luxury, with bulges and air intakes in all the right places. Not something you’d think would originate from a South Korean carmaker!

Kia Stinger Red Rear

This car certainly looks the part, and by all accounts it properly caters to drivers who actually enjoy driving. We’ll be doing a full write-up and review of the Stinger GT soon, so watch this space for some actual impressions of the driving experience. In the meantime though, what we can say is that this car is a real threat to the likes of BMW’s flagship 4-series GT, the 440. In New Zealand, the top-spec Stinger with a punchy 3.3L twin turbo V6 and plentiful luxury trimmings will set you back just shy of $70,000, while a similarly spec’d and slightly slower BMW 440GT costs in excess of $110,000. Worth it for a BMW badge? We’ll have to wait and see.

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